Zuckerberg’s Blackout: What we Learned!

Welp! That was scary for a minute, wasn’t it? Mark Zuckerberg and his family of apps decided to scare the hell out of us and during our moment of fear, here’s what we learned! 

                           SOCIAL MEDIA

If anything has been so clear after the Mark’s hullabaloo, it is the lesson that Social media is here to stay & won’t be leaving us anytime soon! Social media actually has a life of it’s own and it is one which is critical to ours as well! 


It is an issue we all could agree on, the fragility of the internet. People go to the internet for multitude of reasons, basically it is a guy we all run to with our problems or solutions to our problem! The internet is neither good nor bad but a place for good and bad. Yesterday’s issue revealed to us it has a mind of it’s own and can go off at any point in time whether intentionally or not, the former is something we would look at in another time! 

                      SERIOUS BUSINESS 

Mark Zuckerberg lost a whooping $7Billion in just a little over 5hrs during the comatose of his apps! Losing such a huge figure means he easily makes more when operations are good! This is the age of internet and in the age of anything, it calls the shots in the global scheme of things. To make money, you’ve to get on the internet and you mustn’t necessarily work hard but smart! We’re currently in times where brain power is quintessential to the very cradle of humanity! 

Mark Zuckerberg

Mr Mark has prolly now switched his attention to court of issues but boy oh boy, that was one hella scare! This has been your errands boy with a few words to run around with!

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