“Your Father Dies A Hero Tonight” – Funny Face Shares Heartbreaking Message On Whatsapp

Ghanaians are worried over recent relapse that has taken a drastic turn in the life of Comedian Funny Face which seems funny anymore.

The Children’s President, Funny face left a disturbing suicide note to his family and friends on his WhatsApp status after earlier jabs that he directed at notable people in the Ghanaian society like Fadda Dickson, Bola Ray, and Togolese International Footballer, Emmanuel Adebayor. 

In a screenshot of the post which has now gone viral, the “COW & CHICKEN” actor named all his children, listed his properties and gave details of who he’s given access to his properties as he is about “to die a hero”.

He also tasked his daughters to carry on the baton and fulfill his biggest desire of setting up an ultra-modern children’s playground in the country. 

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