What is the cause of this alleged issue of poisoning by actors against each other?

The Ghanaian media outlet has been kneeling for quite a while. It isn’t so lively as it used to be. Going from satire to music, we are lingering vigorously behind our neighbors Nigeria in each angle. Their music is acquiring world approval similar to what their films are doing. They should accomplish something right that Ghanaians ought to try to copy. A lot of our entertainers and entertainers have now migrated to Nigeria because our film industry has fallen. Kumawood who has been holding the post for quite a while is likewise kneeling. We have gone from beauty to grass. Rather than us finding answers for our concerns, all we know is about our claims of entertainers harming each other on set.

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The issue of harm has been raised by countless entertainers and entertainers before. The most recent was the previously gifted kid in second place Enoch Darko known broadly by the moniker “watabomshell”. He portrayed a case where he was harmed on set. He said he later went to enquire from someplace and was informed a partner did that to him. Enoch is an exceptionally gifted entertainer that has overwhelmed the Nigerian film industry in the wake of migrating there not many a long time back. He has acted close by so many of the enormous folks and women in Nollywood. Watch his meeting on Peace FM underneath.

Remuda, another Ghanaian comic entertainer made similar claims approximately a couple of weeks prior on Kingdom FM. This issue of harming is turning out to be too much. The issue lies with what at everything? For what reason would it be a good idea for us to do this to ourselves? We can advance as an industry if such issues continue to spring up. It deters individuals from the business and frightens financial backers.

These claims are depicting a negative picture of a previously imploding industry. How would we anticipate that somebody should come and place cash in such an industry with such charges? They will be even frightened for their lives. What the amusement needs right currently is satisfactory speculations and these claims continuously zooming around won’t help in any capacity.


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