What could make a Dog jump higher like this? (Watch)

A Dog has set social media on fire with crazy jumps, which is blowing the mind of many people.

In the video circulating on social media and having a lot of interactions, a Black Dog has been spotted giving crazy high jumps as if it hits on the cushion to jump.

In the video, the animal was seen following the owner to the room; they got to a wardrobe where the owner bent, opened the door of the wardrobe, and tried to bring something out.

All of sudden, the dog went crazy and started giving out high crazy jumps.

No one knows what actually caused the animal to be jumping as high as it was doing, but in close watching, we can say that it was food that rather got the animal jumping high and high as a means of showing enthusiasm.

The owner of the animal brought out an empty plate and tried giving it to it, but it nodded its head as a mean of rejecting the offer and kept jumping high as it anticipates food.

Watch the crazy jump video of the dog below

Source: liveghmedia.com

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