What an interest week this has been! From the alleged shooting stunt pulled by Shatta Wale to Funny face been sent back to Psychiatry and now Amg boss Medikal has also been arrested! 

                        SHATTA WALE 

Shatta Wale would definitely have regretted a move which from all angles indicates a lack of consideration in terms of such consequences he is now faced with! Shatta Wale for reasons known to himself decided to stage a fake news of an alleged gun attack! The very new looking Ghana Police Service decided to do a quick follow up to the situation, a moment Shatta certainly regrets as he is now set to reprimanded for a week or so! 


Not so-funny is this guy’s situation even when given a face value! This is supposed to be a President for our children but his situation with his baby mama has messed his head to such extents he had the god-forsaken temerity to verbally assault BOLA RAY, ADEBAYOR & FADA DICKSON! Kasoa vandamme is truly sick and we wish him the quickest of recoveries! 


Amg Boss Medikal looks set to sleep behind bars today, not where we ‘chop’ but where bad people in the society sleep! Fella Makafui’s husband is a bad guy for brandishing his gun on social media according to our police! This is an issue I’ve run out of words for and at the end of the day, it’s looking like our police service has had some sort of renaissance from whatever slumber they had fallen into! 

This has been your errands boy with a few words to run around with! 

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