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                              Wedding called off after first wife and bride get into a fight [Video]

An Awure held to welcome a second wife into her matrimonial home ended in a stalemate after the first wife fought with the celebrants.  According to reports, the first wife attempted to remind the bride of her position in their husband’s life during the wedding.

She is said to have sat on the groom’s laps, but he pushed her off out of respect for the bride’s family. The incident is said to have enraged the wife, who retaliated by hitting the bride. The Amarya struck back with a slap.

As guests struggled to separate the two wives and their husband, this resulted in a dirty fight. Several videos from the event showed the first wife grabbing the groom by the collar, despite repeated requests to let go.

The marriage ceremony is said to have failed. As things currently stand, the first wife is the only legitimate spouse.

Check the video below:

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