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“We Sleep With Men To Feed Ourselves I Wish Am Dead” -Nurses Cries Out On Live TV Over Gov’t Posting

Health workers play a vital role in the development of every country. Most sustainable development goals can’t be achieved without dedicated nurses and midwives. They are the heartbeat and serve as the backbone of every hospital.

However, in modern times there have been several agitations with regards to postings and allowances. Nurses complain about their conditions of service and poor treatment meted out to them.

On Onua Tv, three medical attendants showed up on the program to make sense of what has been going on to them and how the police captured some of them when they raged their administrative center to enroll their disappointment concerning postings. The man of his word who expressed first attested that they finished nursing school in 2019. In any case, they have not been posted and stay jobless for three years at this point.


He proceeded with that at a point, he was captured along with different partners by the police after they were blamed for unsettling influences by the police. A bail condition was met for their benefit which set them free.

The female medical caretaker was personal and sobbed hysterically to the public authority and the well-being priest to as an issue of earnestness to take care of their predicament in light of the fact that the difficulties are agonizing. She answered the inquiry presented by the host on how they get by saying that the greater part of them permit men to ‘lay down with them prior to acquiring something.

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“The human asset official determinedly advised us to hang tight for the section of e-demand. He is currently advising us to trust that the IMF exchanges will be finished and on the off chance that it doesn’t influence work we will be posted. A portion of our youngsters who finished in 2020 has been posted while we sit home. I want to be dead,” she finished up.

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