“Two People I Jokingly Told To Get Married Have Invited Me To Their Wedding” – Leo DaSilva In Shock

The Nigerian Reality star, Leo DaSilva has  revealed that he has been choked with his jokes after two people he jokingly told to get married has given him a shocker. 

According to him, he jokingly told them on Timeline to get married as soon as possible and to his surprise, those two people have sent him an invitation to their wedding fixed for December this year.

He tweeted;

”I told two people on my TL to get married as banter because they were under my tweet, they have now invited me for their wedding in December.”

Just as Leo sees it as a captivating turn of events, some social media users who might believe his post had a spiritual impact has called on him to prophesy to them. 

And here are some reactions to his post, below:

@ashiru_basit1 wrote;

“Oya tell me to be a billionaire na uncle dasilva i wantu check something”

@iamauxigen said;

“Wow Congratulations to them…..who go banter me bayi”

@Belbeljum wrote:

“Wow….. please tell me too”

@Devttorney wrote;

“Please Tell me and @Adele to get married. I’m counting on you”

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