Twist Of Fate Sushma New Negative Auctioned Mehra House Against Pragya (Upcoming Twist)

Twist Of Fate is a famous Zee World sitcom that is set to have some exciting twists and turns in the future, as Pragya returns to get revenge on Abhi and his family.

There are ongoing track transactions in which Pragya and Abhi square off, and Abhi is intrigued by the fact that Pragya has returned, while Pragya is in full revenge mode.

Pragya was also spotted bringing Mehra’s house from Gautam, where another thunderstorm is about to hit Mehra’s residence.

Pragya is enraged that Mehra’s house is up for auction again.
However, Pragya is taken aback when she learns about the auction of the Mehra mansion, which is being handled by Sushma.

Pragya and Sushma had a furious disagreement about Pragya’s refusal to sell Mehra’s house, and Sushma has turned against her.

Is Sushma truly opposed to Pragya, or is there another reason?

It will be intriguing to watch what the next Twist in the program Twist of Fate will be.

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