Twene Jonas, You Stole Your Father’s Money And Traveled Abroad. He Now Begs To Feed – Social Media User

News about Twene Jonas never seize to leave the media space as another allegation has been leveled against him and his sister, Frema. 

A lady named Daakye Hemaa has alleged that the father of the two (Jonas and Frema) happens to be a very rich business man at ‘Suame Magazin’ who deals in the importation of spare parts.

She detailed that Frema masterminded and stole her father’s capital and traveled abroad with Twene Jonas, leading to the collapse of their father’s business.

Twene Jonas by then was disown after refusing to go to school and leaving a jonky lifestyle. 

She stated that their father is now a palm wine tapper and struggles to afford a three-squared meal daily.

According to her, their mother is now an underaged prostitute who sleeps around with low notch construction men for money to survive.

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