Top Five Nigerian Actresses Who Run Their Own Businesses in addition to Acting

It is not always advisable to rely solely on one source of income because that source may fail at any time. As a result, several of our actresses have decided to start their own companies.

Some of our actresses work in fields other than acting. They used the money they earned as actresses to start their own businesses, thereby diversifying their revenue streams.

We will look at five Nollywood actresses who run their own businesses in this essay. They have achieved success and continue to work in the film industry.


Regina Daniels is one of Delta State’s most attractive actresses. She is one of the actresses who has succeeded in expanding her sources of income.

The Nigerian actress is not entirely reliant on the money she makes as an actress. She became interested in the fashion industry.

Regina Daniels is the owner of her own clothing line. She is also the owner of a film production company.

Mimi Orjiekwe.

Mimi Orjiekwe is a stunning Enugu State actress. She is one of the few actors who also runs her own small business. Mimi Orjiekwe is a professional makeup artist.

She is been in the beauty industry for over six years. She is a successful businesswoman as well as a talented actress.


Chika Ike is a stunning Anambra State actress. She is a successful business owner. She is the proprietor of a fashion house. She also owns and operates a production company. Chika Ike is known as the “Boss Lady.”

Chika Ike is known as the Boss Lady. She already owns and manages several businesses. She is working on the job in addition to her acting career.

 Chika Ike is a well-known Nigerian model and actress. She has shown that you can try your hand at a variety of things and be successful at each of them.

Rebecca Nengi Hampson.

Rebecca Nengi Hampson is a lovely actress and reality star from Bayelsa. She is a shoe industry businesswoman who focuses on stylish women’s footwear.

Her shoe business is doing well. Since her debut, she’s had a successful career in the film industry.

Rebecca Nengi Hampson has been in a number of Nollywood films. She is both a successful businesswoman and an experienced actress.

She is one of the most successful young women in the country. Rebecca Nengi Hampson hopes to be the CEO of her own company.

Uche Elendu.

Uche Elendu is a beautiful actress from Abia State. She’s a successful business owner and involved with cosmetics and fashion companies. She continues to work in the movie industry.

Uche is a great believer in varying her revenue sources. She is a well-known actress as well as a successful businesswoman. She has excelled in both professions.

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