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Those of you driving costly vehicles, you must show me your Salary and disclose it to me — Kissi Agyebeng

Youngsters who drive costly and extravagant vehicles, display their abundance openly and web-based media will before long be pulled before the Special Prosecutor to clarify the wellsprings of their riches.

The Special Prosecutor Kissi Agyebeng said his office is obliged to grill the wellspring of individuals’ riches and organizations.

“Those of you driving vehicles that we have no clue about where you get them from. How work do you deal with be driving a Bugatti? You will disclose it to me. It’s likewise an aspect of my responsibilities. I can give you a notification for you to report in my office to show me where you gained the Bugatti from. What work do you do? Come and show me your compensation… On the off chance that you don’t disclose it unmistakably to me for me to all the more likely comprehend, I will appropriate the vehicle and continue to court,” he cautioned.

Talking on Kokrokoo on Thursday morning, he said his office isn’t simply ordered to arraign degenerate legislators yet open authorities too.

He added that ideological group authorities like public or voting demographic leaders could all be explored.

”The Office of Special Prosecutor isn’t focusing on just legislators yet open authorities, politically uncovered people, which means an individual who the public authority has given a situation in this nation – the individual can be a Judge, Police official, etc – and the individual’s companion, kids and anybody firmly connected with the individual is politically uncovered individual. Likewise, ideological group authorities like a party Chairman at an electorate, a party Chairman/leader at the public level; the Special Prosecutor can research all them,” he said.

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