The Giant turns 61!

Giants of Africa they are and it is rightly so, the country called Nigeria! It is a country which turns 61 and we’re happy for them, happy for how far they’ve came which includes the highs and lows in one of the most of fascinating country’s in the entire globe! 

For what it’s worth, today is a day to focus on the positives and conversations about the not-so-positives is one we shall have another day! 

The Nigerians beat us all when it comes to the creation of contents and boy oh boy, what a quality-oriented industry theirs is, I’m talking from an Entertainment point of view of course! 

It’s little wonder they smack and rack up all the figures on social media and usually the excuse of having the population advantage is made but really, this guys are the best content creators as far as honesty is concerned! 

Look at Nasty Blaq and what contents he comes up with, Look at Nollywood and what storyline is communicated to us, Listen to Burna Boy and what a pen-game!!! The Chronicles are countless and let me just stop it here for purposes of reflections. 

Happy 61st Birthday to Nija and what a time to be a Nigerian! The legend has been told, let us learn from this guys and make Africa a global powerhouse which shouldn’t only be known for corruption and Borrowing but a complete hub of growth!

Nigeria turns 61

This has been your errands boy with a few words to run around with! 

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