Teacher Ignores Judge, Reads Bible While Being Sentenced

Netizens can’t control their laughter as a video circulating identifies a teacher who keeps reading his Bible while his case was active in court. 

After he was sentenced, he cast down the New Testament Bible together with the face towel and  yelled, “Jesus why have you forsaken me yet the scriptures I read assured me l will be set free.”

“Jehova God you are righteous what has happened to me now? Jesus my savior do I really deserve this jail term. What have I done to deserve it”, he said while lifting his hands towards heaven he again quipped.

Wango, a father of two, who teaches in a city school is believed to have raped a minor while she headed to school. 

He rejected the accused mitigation that “he should be given a second chance in life to reform and take care of his two children.”

“Your children’s rights are not superior to those of the girl you defiled repeatedly until she lost count between 2015 and 2016,” Mr Ndungi said.

“The girl could not remember the number of times the accused defiled her then threatened her with dire consequences should she disclose the illicit and illegal affair,” Mr Ndungi stated

While passing the sentence, senior principal magistrate David Ndugi said;

“The accused is a teacher but he defiled a child, the right of his children are not superior to that of the child he defiled, I hereby sentenced him to 20 years in prison as provided by law.”

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