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Man Chops Woman On Live TV Show In A “Dwagy” Style [Watch Video]

Man chops woman on live TV show in a “dwagy” style [Watch Video]

The substance of a video that is now trending on the highway has gotten a lot of people talking.

The footage, which was broadcast on national television, shows a young male standing behind a half-naked woman. The woman was not dressed in a pant and brassier combination.

The lady’s stance was doggie as the unnamed male hammered her from behind, despite the fact that he was completely clothed.

The guy was holding her waist as he gave her a severe ‘atopa.’ The entire time, the presenter was simply sitting there observing them.

This isn’t the first time such obscene video has been broadcast on national television in the country.

Recall that GhOne TV, one of Ghana’s most popular television stations, transmitted extreme pornography on live television a few months ago, shocking many people.

On Thursday night, during the station’s broadcast of DUVET, a love and sex conversation program, GHOne TV mistakenly exposed the graphic footage.

It broadcast at the same time as President Akufo-national Addo’s speech on the COVID-19 epidemic.

After giving users with something completely different for a few hours, the station’s Acting General Manager, Nana Aba Anamoah, apologized to Ghanaians for substituting DUVET with a few minutes of s×ual entertainment.

Following that episode, it appears that other Ghanaian television stations have developed a particular interest in broadcasting explicit information to Ghanaians in their se× education programs.

The National Media Commission (NMC) must intervene because Ghanaians are against such content being broadcast on television.

Man chops woman on live TV show in a “dwagy” style [Watch Video here]

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