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Major Causes Of Low CPC and Solutions. Google AdSense 2022 Guide

Low CPC, Causes, and Solution. Google AdSense 2022 Complete Guide

This article talks about all the things and facts you may need to know about low CPC in AdSense, what causes it, and how to solve it.

If you are an AdSense user then you must have noticed the fluctuations in cost-per-click (CPC) on the front page of the Google AdSense dashboard.

Like we all know that the multiplication of the CPC by the clicks will calculate our earnings. Base on this, everyone wants their CPC to be on the high side.

If you are like me, that is always monitoring the AdSense; you may feel like it is the end of the world whenever your CPC drops so much. I have seen CPC drop to as low as $0.01, which is a hidden drop in my case.

Now the big questions are;

  • Why is the CPC dropping?
  • Is there any way to stop it from dropping?
  • How can it be decreased?

I shall start from the causes of low CPC or fall in CPC, breaking it down to simple understanding.

Causes of Low AdSense CPC

Let’s talk about some of the mistakes that some publishers do end up with their AdSense having too low CPC and the perfect solution to them.


Keywords are the major factors that have a massive effect on the rate of CPC. Some keywords attract Ad hood sim of money, while others may offer almost nothing.

Keywords are what determines the Ads that will appear on each of your web pages. When advertisers that are advertising on keywords related to your niche reduce their investment — the CPC will drop

For instance, in a webpage or blog post that has insurance-related keywords — there’s a very high tendency that the advertisers of insurance services will be targeting in related articles.

Although there is an exemption, it is not all the time that the Ads displayed will be related to the keyword, it all depends on what the advertiser is targeting.

It is even possible that there is no advertiser in your keyword in the location of your site visitor. In this case, Google may decide to show those ads are that do not target any specific keywords. They may also choose to show advertisements on random or even decide not to display any ads at that point.

Bidding Rate

The bid rate or bid amount is almost another factor that determines the AdSense CPC. Bid rate means the amount each advertiser is paying for a particular keyword or a niche.

The law of demand prevailed here. When the bid is high, the CPC increases, and when the bid is very low, CPC crashes. The primary thing that affects the rise and fall of CPC here is the competition among the advertisers on specific keywords.

Ads Placement

The placement of ads is also a very important variable that can influence the rate of CPC. Each ad has a different CPC depending on its position on a webpage.

All things being equal, the Ads that are displayed on the top of web pages always attract higher CPC. The CPC reduces clicks on the lower part of the page.

For instance, if an ad is shown on the top of a webpage, and the same Ads displays on the bottom of the page; the one on the top will have a higher CPC, and the one at the CPC reduces as the page is scrolled. Lots of people who understand this rule tires to place Ads on every page of their sites before the content

Ads Type

It is no longer news that Ad type has a significant impact on CPC. Some of the Ad types perform very well, while others may not. On the AdSense dashboard, there are different types of ads to choose from. You can even customize the AdSense ads to any form of your choice that is possible.

If you have a low CPC, then you may try to change your Ads to see if the cost-per-click will increase. But if your CPC was high and later dropped — the Ad type may not be the cause.

The best and recommended Ad type for a positive impact on your CPC is the “Text and Image Rectangular Ad Unit”

Note: Choosing an Ad type is something you to take time to inspect. In other to pick the one that will generate you the best revenue.

You may also have slow CPC on only text-based ads units. The reason is that most advertisers don’t bid on text ads. Even though text ads may get more clicks — most of the clicks don’t convert to the favor of the advertisers — they are mainly accidental clicks.

Geographical Targeting: To advertise products, most time, advertisers target countries or geographical regions. There will be competition in those areas where advertisers target more, and the cost-per-click in those areas is very high.

If you are experiencing lox CPC, a major reason may be the location where most of your visitors are visiting your sites from.

For instance, in the United States, the insurance niche is known to have one of the highest CPC. The reason for this is due to the rate of insurance competition in the US. The same niche may have a very low in Nigeria — because insurance advertisers are not investing much in Nigeria.

The only way out of this is to try and get more traffic from countries with high CPC in your niche.

How To Increase Low AdSense CPC & RPM

CPC means cost-per-click, while RPM means Revenue Per Impressions (Calculated base on every 1k page views). You will find these variables on the front page of your AdSense Dashboard.


Every AdSense user wants their CPC to be very high. When the CPC is high, it simply means more revenue or earnings. To calculate your earnings, you can simply multiply the CPC by the total clicks.

Most times the increase in CPC leads to an increase in RPM. The RPM can be multiplied by page views to calculate the earnings. It means that the CPC or rpm will lead to a rise in revenues — all things being equal.

Now, there are things you can do to increase the chances of having a higher CPC without going against the AdSense policy

Chances of Getting Higher CPC

Having known the causes of low CPC in AdSense and mastered how to tackle them, let’s quickly move on to some of the chances of getting higher CPC

Write more high CPC keyword content

Some keywords attract high CPC, especially those that have to do with Insurance, loans, Mortgage, Electricity, and Heath.

The main reason why some keywords attract higher CPC than others is that the advertisers bid more on such keywords

Target to CPC countries

The country where most of your visitors click from also determines the CPC. For instance, a valid click for the United States can earn you up to $1+ while that of Nigeria, which is in Africa may pay you $0.05

The reason for this is the bidding rate of advertisers targeting the US.

Among the top five countries with high CPC are; United States, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, Germany.

Block Low CPC ads

On your AdSense dashboard, Google made a provision for users to allow and block certain ads

To do this, simply click on “Allow & Block ads” on your AdSense dashboard navigation. There you will find categories of ads and how much each is paying you. You can block those categories that are paying less.

Note: Blocking too many ads may harm your revenue or earnings. You must be careful when taking such steps because you may end up causing yourself more harm than good!!

Write High-quality organic contents

Content is said to be the kind of the web. By just writing high-quality organic articles, you will be attracting higher CPC. The higher the winds in your organic content, the Better.

I don’t mean just having one or two high-quality contents. Make sure your high-quality article is more than the crappy contents of your blog or website.

Examples of such contents: “Insurance In Germany: 7 Best Insurances to Know In Germany:”, 2022, “Bitcoin price prediction”, “2022 – 2025 and new cryptocurrency prices, “Offshore Accident Lawyer, and 5 amazing things to know before hiring one”

Use Text and Image Ads Format

Although only text ads attract a more Click Through Rate (CTR). It means there is a higher tendency of site visitors to click on the text ads than image ads. Just note that most of those clicks will be a mistake click that will not convert, the visitors may think that the text ads are part of the texts part of the content.

But to attract a higher CPC, Text and Image Ads format is what you should go for. To increase your CTR, for the Text and Image ads, you may have to customize the text on it t make it look more attractive. For instance, you can change the text color to red.

Reduce Ads On Each Page.

Most people think the more ads you have per page, the more chances to have more clicks. As this may be correct, bear in mind that too many ads make the webpage unpleasant to the reader.

Although too many ads will increase your ads impressions, it will reduce your CPC. The number of ads you should add to the content should depend on the length.

For instance, you may choose to add an ad Ayer every five paragraphs you give to content. By doing so, there will be a good spacing between Ads.

Note: You should have it in mind that CPC decreases as a webpage is scrolled!

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