Lady Recounts How Her Boyfriend Took Everything When He Caught Her Cheating

A fraught lady has shared sentiment of how her boyfriend took everything he bought for her after finding out she cheated on him. 

Opening up in an anonymous post to an online counsellor, she said when he found out she was cheating on him, he first retrieved the expensive phone he bought for her. He proceeded to change his DSTV and Netflix passwords.


“Hi Auntie Momo, please hide my name. I cheated on my boyfriend and he dumped me the minute he found out. He took the phone that he bought for me. He changed his DSTV and Netflix passwords. He took his rooter and the laptop he bought me for.

He bought and installed a gate at our crib 5 weeks ago, yesterday when I came back from school I found the gate gone. The neighbours say it was uninstalled by two guys wearing red overalls.

I’m not sure if they were sent by him but I suspect so. My question is why do men get so petty when we cheat but they expect us to understand when they cheat? What I did is wrong but did he have to take the things he bought for me? A gate? I was watching the latest season of Money Heist when he changed Netflix log in details. How cruel can one be?”

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