Kidi Confirms Cina Soul Is The Last Woman He Kissed On Live TV [Video]

Kidi confirms Cina Soul is the last woman he kissed.

Kidi, a Lynx Entertainment performer, has disclosed the name of the last woman he kissed on United Television Showbiz. Cina Soul, he claims, is the individual in question.

Kidi and Cina Soul should just admit they’re dating and quit revealing intimate details about one other while simultaneously denying their love.

Cina Soul recently appeared on Delay’s show to tell that Kidi is a wonderful kisser, but the two have never made out, and now Kidi is revealing details about their relationship.
Although he is not in a relationship with Cina Soul, the ‘Sugar Daddy’ informed Okyeame Quophi that she was the last person he kissed and that he enjoyed it.

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