Just Say ‘Fi’ Again And Ghana Will Hear From Us – Ayisha Modi Dares Mona Gucci As She Drops Her Dirty Secrets

Another hot and crunchy beef is ready to be served as the beef masters, Ayisha Modi and Mona Gucci are at it again with exposing of each other’s dirty secrets. 

Ayisha who did not like it after Mona mentioned that she secretly pays some bloggers and trolls to drag her on social media took to Instagram to throw shots at her. 

In the post, Ayisha Modi dared Mona to mention her name in any of her ‘local shows’ and she the results she(Ayisha) will produce. 

Picking from the post, Ayisha dared the Onua TV’s presenter to the world how she saved her son than telling lies about her. 

Here’s what she wrote, “If you are a woman I mean a real woman with pussycat mention my name at that local tv station again and I will show you that I was born and raised in the mix of brave men. I dare your low begging life to mention just Ayisha k3k3 and see what will happen!”

“I don’t beg for money before I can feed my kids nor beg anyone for help before I can take my children to see a doctor. Am a self-made woman. You fools should put some respect ✊ on my name. Check my records or goggle my name and line up with yours, and see if we are on the same level or am ur classmates.

I won’t disrespect my mothers @bofowaa and @oheneyere_gifty_anti for any she-goat who can’t even afford to pay 2,000 Gh rent. Am too expensive for ur foolishness. Now you want peace😂😂😂😂. Small girls are young ampa. Karma does not spare anyone Madam begger. Tell the world how I saved ur son than telling lies about me.

To balance your life you have to balance your mind. Just say fii again and see what will happen in Ghana😂😂. How can I be your friend when I have only met you twice? On your show and my life’s health walk? Define who a friend is madam lawyer who told me to loan her money for rent, claimed she has 36,000 dollars in her bank account in America but can’t take it out forgetting am an American citizen so she can’t guy me. Funny world with funny evil souls as humans boi”.

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