Inspector General of Pollution

The new Inspector General of Police (IGP) has decided to fix the country in his own big and very big way! 

Some sanity in this space was needed, ask KalyJay! What a week this was for all of us in Ghana.

I love Shatta Wale because he knows his level in this entertainment industry of ours, to us, he is God’s own gift (GOG). It’s very unfortunate Shatta had to learn this the hard way, you don’t fake death for publicity especially when you’re a public figure and what a lesson this leaves on his mind! 

When you’re a public figure, nobody really needs this explanation but for purposes of talking to you, let me just do a syllasomething explanation. When you’re a public figure, you’re an individual who basically has a little space for self-will & this is a curse that comes with being blessed by fame!

When you’re a chairman, you don’t go posting guns on social media for whatever reason! I love Medikal but Fella does more, did you guys see how furious she was with the camera guys at the court today, boy oh boy, that’s a woman who loves her man! We make mistakes and we follow Stonebwoy in moving, Medikal and Shatta won’t be exceptions in the movement either. I’m happy with the IGP, more power to your command Sir!  I call myself an errands boy with a few words to run around with, check this video out lovely people https://www.instagram.com/reel/CVDIhx3DBbi/?utm_medium=copy_link

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