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I Will Burry Anyone Who Will Be Caught Doing “Trumutrumu” In My Town Alive – Abura Dunkwa Chief Cautions

The Odikro of Abura-Dunkwa in the Abura-Asebu-Kwamankese District of the Central Region, Nana Asokwa Kwegyir lll has declared his stance on the LGBTQI+ issues stating emphatically that, such “trumutrumu” practice must not be entertained in a country like Ghana with rich cultural Values.

Speaking to Anaafi Kokooto, he stated that the practice of the LGBTQI+ is taboo and that, he’s going to deal severely with anyone caught in Abura-Dunkwa doing “trumutrumu”.

According to him, anyone who practices such an abominable act doesn’t think like a normal human being and would not be considered as one. Meaning, he or she would be classified as an animal hence, should be treated as such.

“I will bury you alive if you are caught doing ” trumutrumu ” and l won’t even care if you are my relative”he emphasized

“If we catch them, we should escort them to their ancestors in the night and nobody will see them again the next day”,he stressed.

Aggressively defending the Anti-LGBTQI+ bill, Nana pleaded to the government to televise the balloting for the legalization. 

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