I Cheated Death Six Months Ago – Chief Ayoka Adebayo Recounts As She Shares Testimony

Former Resident Electoral Commissioner (REC) in Ekiti state, Chief Ayoka Adebayo has recounted how she escaped death and the mental instability the experience came with. 

Speaking at her 86th birthday party which was held at her residence at Agbeloba area of Abeokuta, Ogun state during the weekend, Adebayo revealed that she escaped death by a whisker twice in the last six months, stated that her joy knows no bound

“But, I only remember that “my brother, Oyedele, Adeyemi and I were those that sat on the same line, before I slumped on Adeyemi’s lap and I don’t know anything again till I was resusitated in the hospital. I thanked God.

“Who am I to get this from God. I have gone, but, God kept me, He preserve me and brought me back. It is not my making. I don’t just celebrate birthdays, this one, I specifically requested that I should use it to thank God. I felt I should call you to come and celebrate with me.

“It was a unique year for me. I had gone, but, God restored my life. It was at the Hospital that I was brought back to life. I saw Wole (her son) and others all around me and was asking what happened. It was a unique period for me, hence this Thanksgiving to appreciate God, His mightiness and protection on me is unquantifiable. 

“Only recently, a Professor in Ibadan who was on his way to the Mosque slumped (just like I did), and he never recovered from it. He was reported to be 69. So, who am I that I will not rejoice to the Lord for preserving me,” she told the appreciable crowd in the compound.”

Her husband, Obasanjo speaking at the event described Adebayo as a special wife in his family, stressing that even when his brother died, the vacuum that could have been created by his untimely demise has been adequately felt and filled by you.

“Mama is special, because, she is the first wife to be educated in our family. Really, Ayoka is a wife in a million, even when my brother died, the vacuum that could have been created by his untimely demise, the vacuum has been adequately felt and filled by you.

 “You said, when you slumped, you slump and you did not die because, God do not open the doors for you. You just slumped but God is yet to say your time is up. You will live to be 90, 95 and more than your mother, who died at 106. You will live to be 110 years.”

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