I became Paralyzed After My Boyfriend Ch**ped Me For 8 Hours – Lady Narrates

A lady has disclosed an ordeal she went through after having an intimate encounter with her boyfriend. 

Sharing her experience on some harsh sexual experience, the lady (name not disclosed) revealed that she became paralyzed for days after her boyfriend had sex continuously with her for Eight (8) hours. 

According to her, during the early stages of their relationship, her boyfriend wasn’t able to satisfy her sexually. Giving details, she said he was too small in size and count last a maximum of 3 minutes. 

Unable to stay in a relationship where she wouldn’t have orgasm, she requested her boyfriend gets a penis enlargement cream and a manpower or better lose the relationship. 

The guy, who didn’t want to lose his relationship bought a penis enlargement cream and manpower capsules and used it to till it got finished. 

“30 days after he used the cream, we decided to have sex after a while. To my surprise, my guy’s dick was 3 times longer and bigger than the usual. At least that was what I wanted. Hehe! He fÛÇked me till I passed out, woke me up, and continued again. I almost gave up but I couldn’t resist the pleasure. Eight hours after we had done good sex, I realized my thighs weren’t corresponding. Like, they weren’t raising again. Eiii! Hmmm! I was in school by then. I stayed at his place for 2 weeks before getting better. Auntie, it was good mom but I won’t try it again” she narrated.

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