How To Withdraw From MTN Mobile Money when you have No Ghana Card

I would love to talk about a few methods by which you may technically withdraw your MTN Mobile Money out of your wallet in case you don’t have a valid identification card.

With the introduction of friction by way of presentation of id playing cards earlier than MoMo transactions – withdrawals are especially affected, quite a few individuals have asked whether or not there are any workarounds for this.

especially now that the simplest identity card you may use to withdraw is the Ghana Card, you’ll need a workaround to withdraw your money if you don’t have the card.

as with all alternatives that closely are based on human adherence rather than the tech side of things, hacks are feasible.

today, I would love to talk about a few methods by which you may technically withdraw your MTN Mobile Money out of your wallet in case you don’t have a valid identification card.

sure, there can be conditions while you don’t have an id Card at all for transactions, like me, after I misplaced my countrywide Passport and my Ghana Card become no longer yet geared up.

to start with, it’s far vital that the new presentation of id cards directive has been installed area with the aid of MTN Ghana, in what they claim as an excellent manner to combat the superiority of MTN Mobile Money Fraud. therefore, it’s far in your exceptional interest to stick to them

once more, this newsletter isn’t always to garbage the efforts of MTN Ghana, however, to lend a helping hand to people who might want it.

Now, let’s look at how you can withdraw your coins through MTN mobile money if you have no valid identification Card.

Withdraw your MoMo at an ATM

now not a variety of human beings realize that you could sincerely withdraw your Mobile cash at an automated Teller machine (ATM) here in Ghana as soon as it helps cardless transactions and MTN MoMo.

a few years back, just a few ATMs supported the function. but, now, loads greater ATMs will permit you to withdraw your cash in only a few steps.

You genuinely need to generate a token out of your mobile money account and use it for the withdrawal. make sure to withdraw in multiples of GHS 10 due to the fact a few ATMs are unable to dispense decreased denominations.

Send the cash to a pal who has a Ghana Card

every now and then, the old ways are the qualitative methods. in case you need to withdraw however don’t have an id Card, it makes experience to send it to a chum who has an identity card to use for the withdrawal.

Your pal can then coins out with the aid of themselves and provide you with the coins or genuinely come up with the coins and preserve the e-coins on their wallet.


The hassle with this method is that you would possibly grow to be paying double charges and e-levy if the amount is above your threshold. however, if you actually need the money and mightn’t afford to wait, this is a great way to get your cash even with no valid identification Card.

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Send at once to the service provider/Merchant


I don’t even understand if this approach is precisely legal. If it’s far, then the fight in opposition to fraud has a protracted way to head.

the day went by, and even as at the MoMo merchant with a friend who turned into there to withdraw, the service provider cautioned he had a “sim we will ship the cash to” and as soon as he confirms receipt, he offers us the cash. We didn’t use that direction although and went by way of MTN’s authorized way of cashing out.


This technique is just like the technique described above. The difference however is that this time, the cell money service provider is your “pal” and you continue to get to pay e-levy. It turned into no longer clean if the prices could be delivered to the money sent.

Use your other cell cash bills/ Mobile Money on other Networks

when you have registered for AirtelTigo coins or Vodafone coins, you can in reality transfer cash out of your MTN cellular cash account to the account on the other network. when this is accomplished, you honestly pass and withdraw from that network’s merchant. you continue to pay e-levy with this technique.

presently, this method is being used by quite a few people. however, the technique will quickly be out of date and useless ought other cellular money networks also call for an id Card.

The uses of third-party services to make bills and transfers

Third-party services like SlydePay and ExpressPay let you switch cash from your MTN MoMo account for your bank account or other money owed.

with the aid of doing this, you may use the ATM of your financial institution to make a withdrawal. This method, although effective is unattractive to me due to the big costs that these 3rd birthday celebration services rate.



hopefully, you don’t locate yourself in a scenario in which you will want to hack your manner around taking flight cash from your own pockets because you don’t have your identity Card present.

don’t forget that MTN accepts best the Ghana Card for cellular cash transactions.

the subsequent identity cards are not supported:

  • NHIS Card
  • National ID
  • Voter’s ID
  • Driver’s License and
  • Passport

Fraudsters who may want to apply those strategies for their personal grim reasons have to recognize that MTN is looking for them and they’ll be stuck and prosecuted.

understand any MTN cellular money hints? Share them with us in the comments underneath


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