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Ghanaian highlife music legend kicks the bucket at age 79 “A.B. Crentsil”

The present horrendous news infers that Alfred Benjamin Crentsil, otherwise called A.B. Crentsil, the dad of Highlife music, has died.

After an extended disease, A.B. Crentsil died in the early long stretches of today, July 13, 2022. On the authority Facebook page of Peace FM, the unfortunate news was additionally uncovered.

A.B. Crentsil died today at 79 years old.

To the late Alfred Benjamin Crentsil Sr. furthermore, Esi Yaaba in Prestea, Gold Coast (advanced Ghana), was conceived by Alfred Benjamin Crentsil Jr. in 1943.

Preceding accepting the AB Crentsil name without the lesser after his dad’s passing in 1984, he was constantly alluded to as AB Junior.

Takoradi Methodist Primary filled in as the two his essential and center school, as fired up. Cleveland Middle School. In the wake of finishing his center school tests, AB started filling in as an electrical understudy for his dad, the director of work at Ghana Railways’ specialized branch in Takoradi.


A.B. Crentsil

Mr. Thedoh acquainted Crentsil with the guitar when he was in center school.

As A.B. Crentsil improved his guitar abilities, he started to chime in as he played. He was performing with Kwesi Donkor’s Strollers Band while additionally filling in as a circuit tester.

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