After listening to our Deputy minister of tourism with regards to using funeral as a means of tourism boost, I asked myself how an industrial veteran such as Mr Mark could utter such words! 

 The headline was shocking enough but even more shocking was the detail! Amongst the dozens of things we could get creative about in boosting the tourism space, a whole deputy minister was of the idea a deceased would grant us exposure as far as showing what your country had to offer as far as tourism is concerned! Someone should have pointed it out to Mr. Okraku if he thinks a group of mourners would be enough to attract people from other part of the world because ‘crying’ is something they could learn & imbibe into their own culture or maybe he had forgotten funeral isn’t a culture but an event & ladies and gentlemen, you don’t revive a sector in comatose with an event & this is something Mr. Okraku should realize! Conversation about the tourism sector is one for another time, this has been your errands boy with a few words to run around with! 

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