It’s the first of this kind and for very delicate reasons, it has to be! A follow up write is something my hands have never done but it has been a hell of a year and what can I do except learn & move, am a Gemini but moving on should have nothing to do with what zodiac a person is but rather it should have everything to do with wanting to grow and we don’t grow when we’re stuck, enough of this philanthropic vibe! 

   If you read the first version of this write earlier this year, you would remember I was almost 25 and happy birthday bla bla blahhh, well he is now 25 and damn, what an age & what a year this has been for your errands boy with a few words to run around with! 

   And it is in this age I’ve glimpsed a weirdo which lingers in this beautiful world of mine, diasporically of course and listen to me; you won’t find it in the dictionary! And now let’s move to our Chucky, my people in this part of the world understand not been seen around as doing well in Life!! A person’s height of success is associated with how long they’ve been away from the community, Lol. The easier you’re seen around, the easier you’re doing bad and okay you’re shocked but yes and this is a situation which has led so many to make journeys they aren’t prepared for thus having a compounding piece of shit thrown at them from Life!!! 

   Look, Join me in praying with the Lord to not take from my side anybody as necessary as Mr Ntow to my Life, please Lord, I loved that man with this beautiful breath you put into, all of it my Lord! A man of Light, he had the bright side to every value anybody could be blessed with! Resting in paradise is an inescapable one for him and yeah, the world knows that too because he gave me a gift you the readers are now enjoying, Writing and well that’s literally!! This is EN ROUTE XXV so yeah, let’s talk about things this year has really done to me, C’mon!!! 

  Why should timidity be part of a National culture! If you ever heard of the confidence arrogance thin line bullsh!t, then it’s a beautiful truth in my nice environment! Culturally, it’s got to to be about ‘what a person would say, what the people would say, how you will be seen’ and a whole lot of timid stuff which would easily hinder an individual’s uniqueness!! I shall go into the painstakingly identified details another time but please let’s be confident as humans in what makes us different yet beautiful!

I have exhausted what few words I had to run for this errand of ‘EN ROUTE XXV 2’ around with! I’ve got an interesting one coming up and omG, I went berserk on that, a sane one! This has been your errands boy with a few words to run around with! Goodnight/day and yes Hennessey removes stress, pains, panties and bra! S/O to octoba’s very own, that’s a wicked I heard!! 

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