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Drunk soldiers kill 15 in eastern DR Congo

In two separate attacks in the Democratic Republic of Congo’s east, two soldiers shot and killed 15 individuals.

Everyone who died was a civilian.

This comes after six individuals were injured as soldiers attempted to carry out an arrest by throwing a grenade into a crowd.

Before being captured, an intoxicated soldier aboard a boat on Lake Tanganyika killed eight passengers, including children, according to a South Kivu official.

In Ituri province, another soldier killed a colonel, his bodyguard, and five civilians on Sunday.

As he escaped, the killer, who was also alleged to be inebriated, was shot dead by a colleague.

People in eastern DR Congo have been subjected to repeated attacks by dozens of armed groups for more than two decades.

Félix Tshisekedi, the president, has stated that eliminating the violence is a primary priority for his government.

Almost a year ago, two provinces were placed under siege.

However, the rebels and sometimes ill-disciplined Congolese soldiers have continued to wreck devastation.

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