Be Unique In Your Style of Writing. Forget The Critics – Kumi Guitar Advices Musicians

Highlife Singer, Kumi Guitar has sent out an advice to young musicians who are trying their best to pave through the music industry. 

According to him, his style of doing music is unique because he believes every highlife song needs to tell a story rather than following the trends.

Using himself as an example, the ‘Betweener’ hitmaker explained that his uniqueness guides him from keeping to the trends as demanded by his followers because a highlife song needs to carry a message.

“I will take myself as an example, people keep telling me your lyrics are too many; why not do add stuff because that is what others are doing but it doesn’t move me,” he explained.

Adding up, he asserted that some artists are depressed because of the demand from fans to follow trends to be relevant. But contrary to that, he believes artists should stick to creativity and be themselves. 

“I believe highlife song should tell a story; I am not moved by what people are saying about my lyrics because style and variety are needed to spice up the industry,” he added.

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