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An Aircraft Of hardship!

I really hate to write on thought-provoking issues but someone has to do this job! Now that you know I’m definitely not smiling whilst writing this, let’s move with an Mbappe sprint in the direction of the goal behind this write, Concern! 

Not long ago, conversations of our President H.E Nana Akuffo Addo decision to get a new Presidential Plane hit the Internet and as usual court of public opinion had a lot to say about the whole move, a move according to what we’ve heard is already decided! 

Points from the side of government have been made as to why purchasing a new aircraft is necessary in a time when our President tells us ours is an economy which isn’t in the best of shape hence we should tighten our seat belts! In one vein, one is to applaud the President’s honesty as we’re made to understand the actual nature of things but in another vein, the culture of luxury seems to be setting in because from what we’ve heard from spokesmen of the government thus far, it is an aircraft which is actually air-ready but such little disturbances as how old the aircraft is (10years) & how often it has to be maintained is what’s sparking this whole decision to get a new aircraft! I mean, this should ordinarily be good reasons to replace an aircraft but we do not live in ordinary times and that’s why Ghanaians are willing to tighten their seat belts! So it is unfair and very thought-provoking to have a leader who would ask us to make sacrifices whilst he is ready to make none! Tomorrow may be a good day to replace our aircraft but certainly not today for the love of country Mr President, don’t do this to us C’mon! 

Ghana’s presidential Aircraft

I’ve exhausted what little words I was given to run this errand with. 

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