A Game of Performance!

My God, what a beautiful game of soccer that was! Guardiola and Klopp for all the hostility between this two, both would’ve been impressive of each other’s respective team today!! 

A Manchester city and Liverpool game was always going to be a tough affair thanks to these two names at the helm of affairs. It is for matches as this we do not get tired of this beautiful game of soccer, this is truly one for the books and let’s have some short words of appreciation for three standout players in a sunny anfield clash 

                   BERNARDO SILVA

Little wonder this little chap immediately was number one trend on Twitter post-match! He was that good on the day and little wonder a twitter referred to him as a prime Messi in 2012. From dribbling deep into the opponents half and tracking back to help with defensive duties, the little Portuguese had it all! A wonderful performance. 

                       Mo SALAH

The ancient Egyptian god Ra seemed to have possessed the Egyptian on a sunny afternoon as this because this was no way a usual spectacle from the Egyptian! Mo Salah whenever he had the ball drove fear into the hearts of the opponent and rightly so, he was literally that bad! An unreal performance. 


Whatever music was playing in the head of Phil this afternoon deserves a grammy because this little guy was so busy with dance on the pitch! This was no dancefloor, it’s a pitch and how this lad  continually kept on dancing with the ball at his feet is something Harvard should study on! A sweet performance this was.


Phil Foden

Well, this has been your errands boy with a few words to run around with! 

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